MODERN FARMER: Ashley Tudor,

Out now in the 4th issue of Modern Farmer, I was sent to photograph Ashley Tudor, an artist who hunts, not only for food, but she uses the animals in her artwork. Shot on 4x5 with help that day from Carlos Chavarría. Flying down that bumpy mountain in the near darkness, without headlights, fish-tailing around steep corners in a rickety golf cart was exhilarating….one of the recent highlights of my working experience. Thanks to Ayanna Quint and Luise Stauss at Modern Farmer

International Contemporary Furniture Fair for 2x4 Design:

In January I was asked by 2x4 to visit 10 furniture designers scattered across San Francisco, New York, London and Paris. My schedule got a bit cooky and was sadly only able to do the San Francisco portion. Here are a few images from those and you can see the web stories here…..

Council Studio and Pablo Designs

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Nike: Run Journal:

Back in October, I traveled to Portland to photograph the American long distance runner, Kara Goucher for the good people at Nike. Here are two pictures of her night run. I’ll hopefully post a few more soon.

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WIRED Magazine:

This was shot a while back, but I never put it up here, along with so many other things I have yet to post. Here is Luca Stewart-Iaconi, a twenty something year old who has spent the last 5+ years painstakingly building a Boeing 777 out of manila folders, an exacto knife and adobe illustrator. It’s 1:60th scale and is literally as detailed as the real thing….tvs on the back of the seats, retractable landing gear, everything. The real airplane takes about 50 days to build. Crazy. The story and more pictures can be seen here.

Ellen Fullman for THE WIRE.

January 2014 in Berkeley, California

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I have 8 images up at the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland. The show is called, ‘The Art of Work,’ a themed exhibition curated by Julia Dolan, the Minor White Curator of Photography at the Portland Art Museum, and John Jay,Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy, images in the exhibition were created by 17 photographers working on assignment. Whether each image was ultimately used by the client or not, all were originally made at another’s behest. My images were from jobs for Apartamento, Nike, ARS and Time Magazine.

Thanks to Bryan Schutmaat for telling me about this and to Justin Kaneps for all his help. I never show work in this way. Assignment work isn’t what I’d ideally want to be showing, but it’s a start. Now I just have to create some free time from paid work to make work for myself…..and then show it.

An iphone picture of a wall in my Brooklyn office before I’m about to pack it up to move to Northern California. Surely feeling bittersweet about the whole thing. 

Laurie Anderson for D2 Magazine

July, 2013 in New York City

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Karl Berger for THE WIRE.

April, 2013, Woodstock, New York

Composer Karl Berger and his wife, singer Ingrid Sertso founded the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock in 1973. They acted at the urging of Ornette Coleman, with encouragement from John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, George Russell, among other visionaries. Jazz legend, Don Cherry was foremost among their active supporters.  After a decade or so of workshops and lauded recordings, the studio is now an archive project in collaboration with Columbia University. Over 400 recordings with leading improvising artists of the 70’s and 80’s are being transferred to digital domains and an oral history component preserves essential information from the studio’s heyday.

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