I posted about the printed book aspect of this project yesterday, but here are some installation shots of that same project I did for Nike….in Chicago last month for the World Basketball Festival. This is part of what was shown within the space Nike created.

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Here are some quick iphone photos I took of a project I did for Nike back in July. This beautifully designed 95 page book, is almost exclusively made up of the images I shot over three days in Chicago. The World Basketball Festival was held in Chicago in late August, so we travelled all over the city photographing the character of the public courts and those who frequent them. Aside from this book, the photos were installed all over the festival itself. I’ll make a proper, more thorough post of this project when I get a chance, but figured I’d post these for now.

Special thanks to Brady “Mr Triathlete” Dwyer, Lyndon French and my Mom for their help.

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Farm Credit Services, Annual Report:

I shot a year ago and have been meaning to post images from the shoot for a long time. I’ll get around to that soon, but in the meantime, here are some pages from the printed piece. This week long project took us on a road trip through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. I’m about to start on another project for them in a few weeks.

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The Wall Street Journal Magazine: Steven Volpe

I’m very behind on posting things here…..this was done for Damian and Jennifer at the WSJ Magazine back in March. Aside from being an interior decorator, Volpe has an amazing photo collection…possibly the best I’ve seen in a private home. From massive Sugimoto’s and rare Diane Arbus’ to a one of a kind Irving Penn print gifted to Avedon and two perfectly placed Katy Grannan pieces, one over the toilet and the other over a bathtub.

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The Fader: Bob Mould

Last month I photographed the former Hüsker Dü frontman, Bob Mould in San Francisco.  Thanks Geordie and Geoff and Kyle. You can read the interview here.

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MODERN FARMER: Ashley Tudor,

Out now in the 4th issue of Modern Farmer, I was sent to photograph Ashley Tudor, an artist who hunts, not only for food, but she uses the animals in her artwork. Shot on 4x5 with help that day from Carlos Chavarría. Flying down that bumpy mountain in the near darkness, without headlights, fish-tailing around steep corners in a rickety golf cart was exhilarating….one of the recent highlights of my working experience. Thanks to Ayanna Quint and Luise Stauss at Modern Farmer

International Contemporary Furniture Fair for 2x4 Design:

In January I was asked by 2x4 to visit 10 furniture designers scattered across San Francisco, New York, London and Paris. My schedule got a bit cooky and was sadly only able to do the San Francisco portion. Here are a few images from those and you can see the web stories here…..

Council Studio and Pablo Designs

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Nike: Run Journal:

Back in October, I traveled to Portland to photograph the American long distance runner, Kara Goucher for the good people at Nike. Here are two pictures of her night run. I’ll hopefully post a few more soon.

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WIRED Magazine:

This was shot a while back, but I never put it up here, along with so many other things I have yet to post. Here is Luca Stewart-Iaconi, a twenty something year old who has spent the last 5+ years painstakingly building a Boeing 777 out of manila folders, an exacto knife and adobe illustrator. It’s 1:60th scale and is literally as detailed as the real thing….tvs on the back of the seats, retractable landing gear, everything. The real airplane takes about 50 days to build. Crazy. The story and more pictures can be seen here.

Ellen Fullman for THE WIRE.

January 2014 in Berkeley, California

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